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Olympic National Park Workshops


There is nothing scheduled at this time, but I am available for private workshops.  If you're interested please contact me for more info.



Are you looking for a fun adventure in the Olympics while learning more about your camera and catching some beautiful pictures?  The Olympics are full of options and the weather will dictate where our adventure takes us.  The Olympics are lush and green in the spring and runoff is high so in earlier workshops, (April and May), we'll probably spend a lot of time in the forests, along rivers, and chasing waterfalls, most likely in places like the Quinault and Hoh Rainforests, or maybe along the Dungeness River.  Later in the year as the snow begins to melt, ( June and July), we will be able to head for higher ground and get up in the mountains for panoramic views.  Also, no matter what time of year it is, if the weather is nice and it looks like we might get a nice sunset we will head for the beaches to chase the light.  Ruby and Rialto beaches are stunning any time of the year.  Also if weather allows we may fit in some astrophotography at one of the beaches or in the mountains.

~ What you'll learn ~
We'll work on manual settings, learn how the settings relate to each other and how to use them in different situations.  We'll go over composition and learn how to put together a photo you'll be proud of.  We'll likely have time to process some photos during the workshop as well so bring your laptop with photoshop installed.  Editing is a big part of getting great photos, a camera will rarely capture what you see with your eyes so you have to develop your photo in photoshop.  With a little editing your photos will really pop and will look like what you saw when you took it, something to be proud of.  I'll show you exactly how to achieve that!

~ Time, Location, and Duration ~
For the multi day workshops we'll meet the evening before the workshop at a predetermined location, near where we'll be staying.  After a meet and greet we'll get some rest because we'll be up early the next morning.   We'll start early each day to catch the best light and we'll definitely be out there late chasing sunset as well.  There will probably be some slack time to rest in the middle of the day and process some images.  I offer workshops of different lengths (1-4 days), so depending on which you sign up for will dicatate location(s) and duration, but expect long busy days.  For the multiple day workshops we'll either stay in Forks or Port Angeles, I'll let you know with plenty of time for you to find a hotel and make reservations.

~ Cost ~
Price of the workshop varies depending on length and which you sign up for, 1-4 days.  The money is non refundable, you may apply it toward a future workshop if you choose to cancel.

~What is required of you ~
You'll need to find your own transportation to and from the location, although we'll do our best to carpool when we can.  You'll need to pay for your own lodging and food, I recommend reserving a hotel when you book the workshop so that you'll definitely have a place to stay.  Make sure to bring food that you can easily pack for the day as there may not be restaurants to stop at, it's best to be prepared to be on the move all day.  You'll need to be prepared for any weather as this workshop will be held even in the rain.  A rainy day in the rainforest is a wonderful experience.  So, bring raingear and an umbrella to keep the camera dry while you shoot!  Also, show up with a smile and a winning attitude, it will pay off in the end.

~ Physical Abilities Needed ~  We'll be doing some light hiking.  We won't be hiking really steep trails, but you'll need to be able to handle a few hills and be able to hike a couple miles.  We won't be going non stop for the whole 2 miles, we'll be stopping to shoot a lot, so we'll hike a little bit and stop to shoot some, which will give everyone a chance to catch their breath if needed.

~ What you'll need ~
You'll need your dslr camera, any lenses you may have, one of which should be wide angled.  Bring enough charged batteries to last for a day of shooting, plus your charger so you can get charged at night.  You'll need a tripod.  Bring clothes for all weather conditions, dress in layers.  Be prepared for rain with clothing, rain gear, and umbrella.  Make sure to have comfortable shoes with good support for walking on the trail as we'll do some light hiking.  Bring enough food for yourself for the duration of the workshop as I am unsure if we'll be eating out.  Bring your laptop with photoshop installed and ready.  I can't stress enough to have a couple extra batteries for your camera, I would not want you to have to stand around and watch everyone else shoot because your camera is dead.  Also bring enough memory cards to hold all the images you'll take.

This workshop will run rain or shine so be prepared.  This will be a fun experience as the Olympics are an amazing place with many options for locations that all hold a special place in my heart.  If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.