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Mt. St. Helens/Toutle Ridge Workshops

Mt. St. Helens/Toutle Ridge Photography Workshop 


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This workshop will be held on the remote west side of Mt. St. Helens along Toutle and Castle Ridge.  Not many people know how to get to this area so you'll walk away with photos that not many people have had the pleasure of capturing.  The scenery on this side of the mountain is unique compared to the other sides.  Aside from amazing views of the mountain itself you'll see interesting rock formations, wildlife, and some of the other Cascade volcanoes can be seen from up there as well.  The timing of this workshop should coincide with the wildflower bloom.   We'll spend the day working on manual settings, learn how the settings relate to each other and how to use them in different situations. We'll go over composition and learn how to put together a photo you'll be proud of. This will be a long day as we'll stay to catch sunset from Castle Ridge, the glow on the mountain can be amazing from this angle!  After the sun has set we'll take a short hike back to my vehicle and make our way home.  The hike will be under a mile unless the entire group wants to venture a little further, but everyone has to be willing and able or we'll keep it short and easy.   For those willing to stay up late I'll sit down after the workshop and show you how I process photos using photoshop.  Processing is a big part of getting great photos, a camera will rarely capture what you see with your eyes so you have to develop your photo in photoshop. With a little editing your photos will really pop and will look like what you saw when you took it, something to be proud of. I'll show you exactly how to achieve that!   Bring your laptops I'll help you process your images as well.  Workshop size will be limited to 4 people, if this date fills up I'll add another.  We'll meet someplace that works for everyone then I'll drive from there.  You'll be responsible to bring your own food, we'll be out there most of the day so bring plenty and plenty of liquids too as it can get hot in July.  

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